Jung Hae In And Han Ji Min Reveals What It’s Like To Act As A Couple Together On “One Spring Night”

Have you seen a more visually appealing couple?!

Jung Hae In And Han Ji Min recently attended a press conference for their upcoming drama, One Spring Night. During the interview segment, Jung Hae In revealed what it’s like to work with Han Ji Min.


He revealed that it was easy to befriend her since they both talked a lot to discuss the script. He also complimented her friendly personality.

It’s hard to describe it in words. We talked a lot and contacted each other a lot as we discussed the script together. We became more comfortable with each other during the process.

She’s also very down-to-Earth.

— Jung Hae In


Besides their friendly relationship, Jung Hae In also revealed that he learns a lot from her acting skills. Han Ji Min plays a character who’s the same age as Jung Hae In’s character, although she’s actually older than him. Jung Hae In claims he struggles to think of her as someone who isn’t older since she’s such a professional.

How to act in an expected situation. I made a lot of mistakes but she never creates an NG. She taught me what to do in these situations.

Since she’s been in the business a lot longer than I have, I learn a lot from her. I’m also learning what positions are best to shoot certain scenes.

I never once felt that I’m older than her during filming so I’ve never called her ‘noona’ on set. I think I’ll be able to call her that comfortably after we finish.

— Jung Hae In


Han Ji Min also responded about what it’s like to play a couple with Jung Hae In. She revealed that she also learned a lot from him, finding herself depending on him more than she expected!

There is a lot to learn from Jung Hae In. Whenever I’m on set, whether it be for this drama or another set with other younger actors, I try to think like my character. I think of my co-stars as fellow colleagues. I think it’s good to converse with each other as actors.

He gives me a lot of tips on set. I find myself depending on him a lot. What I found while filming was that Jung Hae In is manlier and has more leadership than I thought. I think that’s why I don’t feel he’s younger than me.

— Han Ji Min


Considering that these two visual actors are so comfortable with each other as they continue to learn from each other, One Spring Night will surely be a mega-hit!


One Spring Night is set to begin airing every Wednesday and Thursday starting on May 22 at 9 pm on MBC.

Source: MBN