Jung Hyung Don makes unexpected cameo appearance on “Infinite Challenge”

Beloved comedian and entertainer Jung Hyung Don surprised the world when he made a small appearance on the latest episode of MBC‘s Infinite Challenge.

The popular entertainment program produces a certain skit every few years called “Moohan Company” or “Infinite Company”. This year “Moohan Company” was created in a movie format and was released as 2 episodes (for last week and this week.)

Jung Hyung Don surprised viewers when he made a cameo appearance  in the latest episode. He captured the hearts of many while he was on the permanent cast for Infinite Challenge, but late last year he went on hiatus due to health concerns. It was revealed that the comedian suffers from a severe anxiety and panic disorder, which was especially shocking due to the field of work he is in.

The show made a statement explaining that Jung Hyung Don provided the cameo as a thank you to his patient fans; he has not abandoned them, and affirmed his loyalty to them and viewers. His appearance hinted that he will return to the show after his recovery. It was an amazing gesture on his part as anxiety can be crippling to many and difficult to overcome.

Jung Hyung Don’s character in “Moohan Company” met Yoo Jae Suk‘s character who was hospitalized for a car injury. He optimistically advised him to be strong, and despite the fatigue and suffering, he needs to persevere and overcome this daunting obstacle. He also encouraged Yoo Jae Suk’s character to recover quickly so he can greet concerned loved ones with a smile. The two promised later to meet again in a happier condition. The dialogue is hauntingly close to Jung Hyung Don’s current situation as his fans supported his recovery.

Infinite Challenge is ranked as the number 1 variety show in Korea and Jung Hyung Don’s unforeseen appearance did not go unnoticed by the masses. Viewers were vocal on social media and mentioned that they cried upon seeing the broadcast. Everyone continues to send positive messages to the entertainer as they await his return.

Source: Osen