Jung Il Woo diagnosed with deadly brain disease + enlists in military

Amongst all the male artists preparing for their enlistment next year, one actor is making a quiet one. 

On November 29th, Jung Il Woo’s management agency confirmed, “Jung Il Woo is scheduled to enlist in December.” However, they did not reveal a specific date as the actor plans to enlist quietly.

Jung Il Woo is expected to serve as a public service worker due to a car crash in 2006 where both him and Lee Min Ho were severely injured. Jung Il Woo had his wrist bone shattered and fractured his pelvic bone, showed internal bleeding in the head and suffered from partial but mild memory loss. Lee Min Ho broke his right thigh and ankle bone, the ligaments in his left knee were also. He was hospitalized for 7 months due to the incident and had to have metal pins in his thigh due to the injury. The passenger and driver of the car that crashed into them both passed away.

Scheduled to go through a 4 week training program for his military service, Jung Il Woo recently met with his Japanese fans for his last fan meeting in quite a while.

After news of his enlistment broke, however, it was revealed that he was recently diagnosed with a cerebral aneurysm. A close friend of Jung Ilwoo told Dispatch, “He began complaining about severe headaches 3 years ago and recently had a very detailed examination where he was diagnosed with cerebral aneurysm.”

The condition is considered a ticking time bomb as if the blood vessel ruptures, the fatality rate varies from 30% ~ 40%. According to The National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, “Aneurysms may burst and bleed into the brain, causing serious complications, including hemorrhagic stroke, permanent nerve damage, or death. Once it has burst, the aneurysm may burst again and bleed into the brain, and additional aneurysms may also occur.”

This condition alone is enough for Jung Il Woo to request exemption from the military service but he stated that he will still enlist in the military and even said, “It’s a shame that I cannot serve in the fullest way due to my condition.”

Jung Il Woo made his debut through High Kick Through The Roof back in 2006 followed by popular drama projects such as The Moon That Embraces The Sun and The Night Watchman’s Journal. 

Source: Newsen, and Dispatch