Jung Joon Ha Shocked Everyone By Eating Five Bowls Of Noodles In A Matter Of Seconds

And he wasn’t even trying to eat quickly!

Jung Joon Ha has proven once again that he’s the “God Of Eating” when he basically inhaled five bowls of noodles at record time! He appeared on Please Give Me A Meal, where Kang Ho Dong, Tei, Lee Kyung Kyu, and he competed to see who can eat five bowls of noodles the fastest.


In just the first five seconds, he had cleared his first bowl of noodles!


The rest of the cast were so shocked by his speed that they couldn’t chew their own food!


Jung Joon Ha continued to down another bowl after bowl, all the time taking the time to talk in between each bowl. He claimed he was taking his time and that he could’ve eaten it faster if the noodles were more delicious!


By the time the rest of the cast was only on their 2nd or 3rd bowl, Jung Joon Ha finished his fast noodle in under 48 seconds!


The rest of the cast had already given up and claimed him the winner of the competition!


Surprisingly enough, Jung Joon Ha didn’t even look fazed by the five bowls! But what more would you expect from the “God of Eating”?!

Source: Newsen
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