Jung Joon Young Was Supposedly a Completely Different Person in Front of His Female Friends

“Jung Joon Young placed women into two categories.”

On a recent episode of Channel A’s Rumor Has It, they discussed the issue surrounding Jung Joon Young‘s scandal and the kind of things he said and shared in Seungri‘s chatroom.

It has been revealed by various media outlets that Jung Joon Young shared illegal videos of women and made comments such as “Those girls must be expensive“, “Berlin is so much fun“, “I had sex with these girls“, and “I would have kept pretending to date her so that I could have sex with her if she didn’t find out about my video.

On the show, entertainment reporter Yoo Soo Kyung expressed, “I’m getting the feeling that Jung Joon Young maintained a two-faced lifestyle” and brought up a close friend, Ms. A to explain why.

She shared, “Jung Joon Young talks to Ms. A with a completely different tone. They’ve known each other for a long time, so he’s very mannerly and doesn’t talk about things like this. So when the chats were revealed, Ms. A was very shocked.

In response to this revelation, host Kim Ga Yeon added, “So he placed women into two different categories. They’re either a real person or an object he can fool around with.

Reporter Yoo Soo Kyung sympathized with this opinion explained, “That’s why Ms. A was very shocked and said she had no idea he was this kind of person.

Source: Insight

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