Jung Joon Young And Choi Jong Hoon Will Be Having A Joint Trial For Their Sexual Assault Charges

Both men face charges of aggravated rape.

The Seoul Central District Court announced on June 5th that Choi Jong Hoon’s trial for aggravated rape will be combined with Jung Joon Young’s trial. Mr. Kwon will also be tried as he is under suspicion of a form of rape also.

Choi Jong Hoon is accused of two different instances of aggravated rape (rape which involves two or more perpetrators), both allegedly having taken place in 2016. One occurred in Hongcheon in January and the other in Daegu in March.

While Jung Joon Young admitted to his guilt regarding the violation of the Special Act on Punishment of Sexual Crimes, he is also under suspicion of aggravated rape along with Choi Jong Hoon which is why his lawyers requested a joint trial.

Should the pair both choose to attend a preparatory hearing on June 27th, it will be the first time they will have met since their detainment.

Source: Naver