Jung Joon Young, Choi Jonghoon And Acquaintances Charged With 10 Cases Of Sexual Assault And Harassment

All charges are from two days.

It was revealed during their first trial that Jung Joon Young, Choi Jonghoon and their acquaintances were charged with 10 cases of sexual assault and sexual harassment.

The first trial for Jung Joon Young, Choi Jonghoon and 3 others was held at the Seoul Central District Court on July 16th. Before the official hearing, the prosecutor read aloud their charges.


The charges included crimes that were committed in Hongcheon, Gangwon-do on January 9, 2016 and in Daegu on March 20th of the same year. The defendants were charged with 10 cases of violent crimes such as aggravated quasi-rape, attempted rape and indecent assault.

The most serious aggravated quasi-rape charge involved Jung Joon Young, Choi Jonghoon, Mr. Kim and Mr. Heo at a hotel in Daegu on March 20, 2016. The prosecutor saw Jung Joon Young and Choi Jonghoon as the principal offenders. The prosecutor suspects that they had sexual relations with the drunk and unconscious victims at the same time and that Mr. Kim and Mr. Heo watched over the crime and expressed their intentions for active participation.


In regard to this charge, Jung Joon Young stated that the sexual relations occurred under consent and that the victim was not unconscious. Meanwhile, Choi Jonghoon stated that while his memory is not clear, there were no sexual relations.

Mr. Heo is also being charged with attempted rape for trying to rape a woman who was refusing to have sexual relations at the same hotel on the same day. Mr. Kim is being charged with the sexual harassment of a victim who was so drunk she couldn’t take control of her body at a nearby club. Both men have denied the charges.


Another defendant, Mr. Kwon, is being charged for forcing a drunk woman into a hotel room and attempting to rape her at a resort in Hongcheon, Gangwon-do on January 9, 2016. Mr. Kwon is also charged with quasi-rape and indecent assault at the same location on the same day.

Mr. Kim and Choi Jonghoon, who also accompanied Mr. Kwon to this resort, are also being charged with indecent assault, each in different locations. Mr. Kim and Mr. Kwon are being accused of raping a woman and even illegally filming it.

In regard to the incident at the resort in Hongcheon, Mr. Kwon stated that the charges are untrue and that even if there were sexual relations, they occured under mutual consent. Mr. Kim and Choi Jonghoon also denied charges.


Moreover, according to the prosecutor, there are 13 cases of illegal filming of the victims in the nude without their consent from November 2015 to June 2016. There were also 16 cases of the sharing of the illegally-filmed content through group chatrooms.

Due to the conflicting statements of the defendants, the court has decided to further question them in trial.

Source: No Cut News

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