Jung Joon Young Attends Court For Judgment Of Arrest Warrant, Apologizes With Tears In His Eyes

He reportedly had tears in his eyes as he read his statement.

Jung Joon Young, who is suspected of illegally filming and distributing sex videos, has reported to the Seoul Central District Court to be judged for an arrest warrant.

Jung Joon Young arrived at the District Court at 9:35 am (KST) on March 21 for questioning and apologized, stating that he has committed an unforgivable crime and acknowledging all of his charges.

I apologize. I’ve committed unforgivable crimes. I admit to all of the charges against me. I will not fight (against the charges) and will follow the verdict of the court.

ㅡ Jung Joon Young


He then apologized once again to the victims of his crimes and to everyone who had once shown him love and support.

I bow my head and apologize once again to the female victims who suffered because of me, to the female victims who suffered from groundless rumors, and to everyone who has shown me interest and love until now. I will always reflect upon my actions as I live on.

ㅡ Jung Joon Young


After reading the statement he had written down on a piece of paper, he did not answer any questions from reporters and headed towards the court.

Jung Joon Young reportedly had tears in his eyes as he read his statement.

Source: Yonhap News

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