Past Video Of Jung Joon Young Filming Lovelyz’s Soojung Without Consent Resurfaces

He ignored her signs of protest.

In light of Jung Joon Young‘s scandal, where he was accused of taking and sharing multiple hidden cam photos and videos of his sex partners, an old footage of him filming LovelyzSoojung during a radio broadcast resurfaced among netizens.


During the radio show, Soojung was covering a song when Jung Joon Young walked across the studio to sit next to her.


He then took out his phone and started filming her. Soojung, realizing what he was doing, put her hand up to cover her face so that he wouldn’t film her.


Jung Joon Young disregarded her hand and kept filming, so Soojung put up her hand again.


Jung Joon Young then catches the camera filming them and moves backwards – his phone still directed towards Soojung.


The video was taken back in 2015, but netizens have brought it back to light after Jung Joon Young’s recent scandal. They commented about how “angry” they were that he continued filming her even when she motioned for him to stop.


Watch the complete interaction unfold in the video below:

Source: Nate Pann