TV Chosun Reveals Specific Hints About The Identities Of Jung Joon Young’s Hidden Cam Chatroom Members

It allegedly involves many top star celebrities.

TV Chosun reported that Jung Joon Young had multiple chatrooms where he shared hidden camera footage with many of his close acquaintances, including BIGBANG‘s Seungri.


TV Chosun revealed the identities of the chatroom members. They first directly named Seungri, Jung Joon Young and FT ISLAND‘s Choi Jonghoon. They gave hints to the rest of the 5 members, two of which were employees of Burning Sun.

Mr. A was described as the older brother of a famous girl group member. Mr. B was described as the husband of a famous actress. No specific details were mentioned about Mr. C.


TV Chosun also revealed the members of a second chatroom, where Jung Joon Young also spread hidden camera footage. The chatroom allegedly involved Seungri, Jung Joon Young, Choi Jonghoon, and another popular idol nicknamed “Mr. D”.


While netizens begin the speculate the identities of these members, FNC Entertainment spoke up to deny that FT ISLAND’s Choi Jonghoon was a part of the chatrooms. They announced their plans to take legal action against the rumors.


The police and a special investigative task force are digging into the recent Burning Sun scandal. Various celebrities have been called in for questioning, while Seungri and Jung Joon Young have been barred from leaving the country.

Source: TV Chosun

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