Jung Joon Young Accused of Sharing Illegal Hidden Footage of Women in Seungri’s Chatroom

Jung Joon Young has been confirmed to be one of the celebrities involved.

In the midst of Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency’s investigation into which celebrities participated in the KakaoTalk chatroom that Seungri and high-profile investors used to allegedly solicit prostitution, it has been reported that singer Jung Joon Young was one of the celebrities involved who directly shared hidden footage of women in the chatroom.

According to SBS News, the chat history of Jung Joon Young and other celebrities in the chatroom showed that back in late 2015, Jung Joon Young bragged that he engaged in sexual relations with a specific woman, to which Mr. Kim asked if he had footage of it. In response, Jung Joon Young shared a 3-second clip of the relations and also confessed that he filmed it illegally.

Around a similar time, Jung Joon Young also shared naked footage and photos of a sleeping woman from a hostess bar and even bragged about it to the other celebrities in the chatroom without showing any sign of guilt.

It has been confirmed that for the duration of 10 months starting in late 2015, Jung Joon Young shared hidden footage with celebrities as well as non-famous participants, and 10 victims have been confirmed thus far.

In addition to Jung Joon Young, other celebrities also shared hidden footage in the chatroom, and for that reason, SBS News is predicting that the number of victims will only continue to increase throughout the investigation.

In response to the report, Jung Joon Young’s agency stated that he’s currently in the United States and that he neither confirmed or denied these reports, but will address them as soon as he returns to Korea.

Source: SBS News

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