Jung Joon Young Reportedly Reading Comic Books In Jail

“He’s probably reading rated-R sexy comic books.”

On March 26, Channel A reported that Jung Joon Young, who was arrested for filming and distributing illegal hidden cameras, has been reading comic books in jail.


Jung Joon Young was arrested on March 21 for illegally filming and distributing sex videos. He talked about his sexual relations with women in the Kakaotalk group chat, which included Seungri, and shared hidden camera footage and photos with his acquaintances on multiple occasions.

He has submitted 3 cell phones during his police investigations and 1 of these was reported to be reset. The police reported that they failed to restore the data on the cell phone and that they are currently looking into the time period and reason for the reset.


Meanwhile, Seungri reported to the police on March 26 for the 5th time and participated in a 3-hour long investigation regarding Jung Joon Young’s illegal hidden cams.


Netizens have been showing various reactions to news of Jung Joon Young reading comic books in jail. Some have been mocking him…

  • “What a great life! Lol”
  • “He’s probably reading rated-R sexy comic books.”
  • “Whoa, he has a strong mentality….Reading comic books in a situation like this. Amazing.”
  • “He should read the Bible.”
  • “He’s probably reading Maxim.”
  • “How great, they let him sleep there, feed him, give him clothes, let him read comic books…”


While others defended his reading the comic books.

  • “What else would he do? Come on, he can read some comic books.”
  • “He doesn’t have anything better to do. That’s what happens in jail.”
  • “What, then should he read the Bible or something?”
  • “People will criticize him even if he just sits in jail with his head down doing nothing.”


Source: My Daily

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