Jung Joon Young Appoints Former High-Ranking Prosecutor as His Lawyer Following Arrest

His former lawyer resigned due to charges of destroying evidence back in 2016.

MBN’s News 8 recently reported that Jung Joon Young selected a former high-ranking prosecutor as his lawyer following the resignation of his former lawyer due to charges for destruction of evidence during Jung Joon Young’s investigation back in 2016.

For that reason, Jung Joon Young attended the warrant’s validity screening unaccompanied by a lawyer prior to being arrested for filming and distributing illegal videos.

In response to this report, a police informant stated, “The fact that he’s a former high-ranking prosecutor won’t affect the investigation.” However, there is concern that he could use his prior connections to his advantage if the case happened to be passed on to the prosecution.

The former chairman of the Korean Bar Association also stated, “There is this common notion that he will be able to use his prior connections to assert influence on the prosecutor’s investigation.

In contrast to what is being perceived as an act of defense, Jung Joon Young admitted to committing an unforgivable sin, apologized to his victims and fans, and promised to cooperate with the investigation and accept the court ruling, prior to the warrant’s validity screening.


Source: My Daily

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