Jung Joon Young Reveals How Many People Are In His Infamous Chat Rooms

He reveals how many of them are singers and more.

Jung Joon Young, who has previously been arrested for the sharing of illegal hidden camera videos via chat rooms, has revealed how many people were involved in the group chats.

He revealed that there are eight singers, one model, and two Burning Sun MDs. Four people are Jung Joon Young’s private friends, which means there are fourteen people in the chatrooms.

Jung Joon Young has also revealed that there were seven chatrooms in total in which the men would share videos amongst themselves.

The singers revealed are (from L-R): Seungri, Jung Joon Young, Roy Kim, Kangin, Lee Jonghyun, Yong Joonhyung, Jeong Jinwoon, Choi Jonghoon, and Eddy Kim. The model revealed is Lee Cheolwoo. Yong Joonhyung was not involved in the chatrooms but had a seperate chat with Jung Joon Young alone.


Source: Pann

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