A Netizen Warned the Internet About Jung Joon Young Back in 2012

The post was made when Jung Joon Young was a contestant on Superstar K.

While Jung Joon Young is at the Seoul Metropolitan Police Station to be investigated for sharing illegal videos in Seungri‘s chatroom, an old post that was made in an online community has been receiving overwhelming attention.

The post was written back in 2012 when Jung Joon Young competed in Mnet’s Superstar K Season 4 as a contestant, and the netizen shared a story that they heard from their sibling’s friend’s girlfriend.

The post reads as follows:

“I don’t really watch Superstar K, but my younger sibling just watched and told me this. Apparently, my younger sibling has a friend and his girlfriend went to the same school as Jung Joon Young in China. Most Korean students abroad tend to hang out with other Koreans, but apparently, Jung Joon Young didn’t associate with any Korean people. Apparently, he wasn’t just a gangster but a genuinely bad guy. The girlfriend’s mom watched Superstar K, and she said it makes her furious to see a guy like that being portrayed as a good person on television. I guess reality is not always what it seems.”

Jung Joon Young lived in Qingdao, China for a few years since the age of 15 and went to school there as well. In contrast to what this post claimed, Jung Joon Young has been known to flaunt a silly and likable image throughout time on various variety shows. 

Source: Insight