Jung Joon Young Allegedly Showed No Signs of Guilt Before His Press Conference in 2016

“I’ll be right back after I pretend to be sorry at the press conference.”

In light of Jung Joon Young‘s recent scandal of sharing illegal videos in Seungri‘s chatroom, his past sex scandals have resurfaced as well.

Back in 2016, Jung Joon Young was accused of filming a hidden video of his girlfriend at the time, but the police failed to find the video on his phone, which ultimately led to his acquittal.

During the scandal, Jung Joon Young held a press conference and stated, “It was a short video and we were both aware that it was being filmed. I deleted it right away, and it wasn’t a hidden camera video.” He then bowed and said, “I sincerely apologize for causing this trouble.

At the time, many believed Jung Joon Young and even sympathized with him, but a claim has been made suggesting that Jung Joon Young was actually unaware of what he did wrong before the press conference.

According to Dispatch, an anonymous informant claimed that Jung Joon Young said, “I’ll be right back after I pretend to be sorry at the press conference.” This was said on his way to the press conference, and the informant stated that it didn’t seem like he realized what the problem was.

The informant added, “To him, the videos were like a game. Filming hidden videos was a habit for him.

Source: Insight

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