Sex Videos Allegedly Taken By Jung Joon Young Leaked And Spread Through Airdrop

It’s being spread quickly among strangers.

Sex videos that were allegedly shot by Jung Joon Young are quickly spreading among iPhone users as people leaked the footage to random strangers through its Airdrop function.

One iPhone user stated that she suddenly got a popup that another iPhone user nearby wanted to send her a file through Airdrop. The sender was not a part of her contacts and did not reveal their information. When she received the file, she was shocked to see it was a sex video that was allegedly filmed by Jung Joon Young.

“I suddenly got an Airdrop message, so I clicked on it but it was a sex video. Someone around me must have sent it but I was shocked.”

— iPhone User

Airdrop is a bluetooth function where iPhone users can send messages and files wirelessly as long as they’re within 9m distance of each other. Reporters believe malicious users are using this function at populated areas to leak the videos.

MBN calls this the “Airdrop Terror” as no set regulations are currently in place to prevent the sex video victims from being harmed even further.

Source: MBN

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