Jung Joon Young leaves comment on an article claiming he is under investigation for sexual assault

Jung Joon Young is currently being investigated for sexual assault after a girl filed a suit against the artist last month.

According to Yonhap News, the girl claimed that the two had been dating and felt sexually harassed in February while still in a relationship with him.

His agency, C9 Entertainment, said, There was a misunderstanding and the girl impulsively reported him in. However, she cancelled her report right away and revealed the truth, fixing the situation. He was summoned and investigated regardless of this due to the sensitive nature of the report, and the police even stated that there will no longer be a need for further investigations.”

Eagle-eyed netizens then caught Jung Joon Young leaving a comment on one of the very first articles to be published online regarding the allegations. On Naver, he was spotted writing, “ㅋㅋ me?.”

Normally, celebrities would refrain from leaving a comment online on their own lawsuit news (or at least would not identify themselves so freely), and fans have reacted excitedly towards him.



Source: Instiz and Yonhap News