Reporter Shares Story By Victim Of Jung Joon Young’s Hidden Cams

“I cried while hearing this person’s story.”

Kang Kyung Yoon, the reporter who first reported Seungri’s chatroom has met with victims of Jung Joon Young’s hidden cams and shared their stories on a radio program.

I’ve met around 4-5 victims (of Jung Joon Young) so far. They were all in their early 20s at the time of the incident.

ㅡ Kang Kyung Yoon


Kang confessed that she cried after hearing the story of one of the victims who knew that Jung Joon Young had filmed the video.

I cried while hearing this person’s story. The victim knew that Jung Joon Young had filmed the video. She later discovered it while looking at his phone.

ㅡ Kang Kyung Yoon


She explained that while the victim knew about the video, she did not report it as she was afraid of how it could affect her reputation and out of fear that it might be circulated.

Even though she suffered damage, she would not file charges because she was afraid her personal details may be revealed. In fact, she pleaded (with him) not to maliciously circulate it. She said she asked (Jung Joon Young) to take it upon himself to erase it.

ㅡ Kang Kyung Yoon


And while Jung Joon Young did erase the video from his phone, he had apparently already sent it into a group chat. Moreover, he later asked his friend to send it back to him after parting with the victim.

A normal person would have taken caution and stopped the behavior but Jung Joon Young asked the friend (he sent the illegal video to) for the video, “Give me back the video. (The girl) erased it and left. Get again.” He was enjoying it like a game and couldn’t recognize that it was a crime.

ㅡ Kang Kyung Yoon


Jung Joon Young reported to the police at 10 am (KST) on March 14 as a suspect and made a short statement before entering, “I would like to apologize to the people of Korea. I will participate in the investigations faithfully.”

Source: Asia Economy

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