Jung Joon Young’s Case Has Been Forwarded To Prosecution

He has been sent to prosecution.

Jung Joon Young was taken from the holding cell he was staying at in Jongro to the Seoul Prosecutor’s Office at 7:48 am today, March 29, to officially begin the process of receiving his punishment for illegally filming and distributing videos of women. His case has been forwarded to prosecution, meaning the prosecutors will review the details of his arrest, and determine the charges that will be filed against him.

He could be seen wearing a black suit with his hands bound together with rope, the traditional way all Korean criminals are transferred between locations.

Reporters attempted to ask him various questions such as “Do you admit to the sexual favors charges,” “Did you try to destroy the evidence,” or “Do you have anything to say to the victims,” however Jung Joon Young provided no responses to any questions asked.

Police have now confirmed Jung Joon Young distributed illegal videos a total of 13 times, with more undiscovered instances possibly waiting to be uncovered.

Burning Sun MD Mr. Kim is also on his way to the Seoul Prosecutor’s Office to begin his process of receiving his punishment.

Source: Star News

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