Jung Joon Young Admits To All Of His Charges

He admitted to it all.

Jung Joon Young has attended his pretrial hearing on the morning of May 10th and admitted to all of his charges.

While the defendant is not obligated to attend the pretrial hearing, Jung Joon Young reported to the Seoul Central District Court nonetheless.


When asked whether or not he admits to all of his charges, Jung Joon Young’s legal representative stated that he admits to all of the facts charged and the submitted evidence.

His legal representative also requested an adjustment to his schedule so that Jung Joon Young may be tried for his rape and spycam charges together as singer Choi Jonghoon, who was also involved in the same rape case, was arrested the previous day and the investigations were quickly coming to an end.


Moreover, he stated their desire to settle with the victims of the illegal spycam filming/distribution and requested the appointment of court-appointed lawyers for the victims.


Meanwhile, Jung Joon Young was previously arrested for spreading illegally-filmed lewd content over 11 times through group chats which included celebrities such as Seungri in 2015.

Source: Yonhap News

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