Jung Kyung Ho Reveals How He Became Girls’ Generation Sooyoung’s Boyfriend

Actor Jung Kyung Ho revealed new stories about his 5 year relationship with Girls’ Generation Sooyoung on tvN‘s Life Bar.

Jung Kyung Ho and Sooyoung first met each other through a mutual friend.

“I didn’t specifically ask, ‘Introduce me to her.’ But it wasn’t totally natural either. I did have some purpose when I first met her.”

— Jung Kyung Ho

He was a big fan of Girls’ Generation even before their first meeting.

“[My friend and I] really liked Girls’ Generation. Before I started dating, we went to their concerts, because we liked them so much.”

— Jung Kyung Ho

When he was asked what was appealing about Sooyoung, Jung Kyung Ho blushed and said she was pretty.

Even though they’ve been dating for five years, the couple is still in their honeymoon phase.

“It hasn’t been a long time, so we’re still very sweet.”

— Jung Kyung Ho

That doesn’t mean mistakes were made along the way! Jung Kyung Ho’s romantic event backfired, which resulted in Sooyoung’s hate for roses!

“I once gave her 1,000 roses for our 1,000th day anniversary. I didn’t know 1,000 roses would be that much. She immediately told me to come and clean it up.”

— Jung Kyung Ho

He also reflected on one of the harsh difficulties of being involved in a high profile relationship.

“I’m sorry to [Sooyoung]. I would talk for 3 to 4 hours about a project, but my 10 second talk about her would be on the news. So I’ve become more careful about it.”

— Jung Kyung Ho

But Sooyoung was more concerned for Kyung Ho than the public eye.

“I suspected it would happen again today, so I called her the day before. She told me, ‘It could happen. What are you worried about? Just dress nicely and go.'”

— Jung Kyung Ho

The Jung Kyung Ho x Sooyoung couple is still going stronger than ever!