Jung In Sun Apologizes to “Waikiki” Actors For Keeping Relationship With Lee Yi Kyung A Secret

Jung In Sun expressed her apologies and gratitude towards the actors and staff of “Waikiki”.

According to Jung In Sun, Lee Yi Kyung and she kept their relationship a secret until they finished shooting Waikiki due to concerns that it may cause disturbances to the drama.


They previously confirmed that they have been dating for a year.

(★BREAKING) “Waikiki” Co-Stars Lee Yi Kyung And Jung In Sun Confirmed To Be Dating

The news was released on the day the last episode of Waikiki was to be aired.


Jung In Sun has apologized to every actor and staff who worked on Waikiki for causing trouble on the last day of the broadcast.

“The dating news was released on the last day of our drama broadcast. I apologized to each member of the cast because I thought it caused them trouble. Thankfully, everyone said encouraging things and congratulated us. I’m very thankful.” ㅡ Jung In Sun


The couple had apparently begun dating before they both passed the auditions for the drama.

“The drama and characters were too good for one of us to forfeit because of our relationship. So we promised each other to try making a good working environment so as to not be a hindrance to each other.” ㅡ Jung In Sun


With a successful conclusion to their drama and encouraging messages from everyone, Jung In Sun once again showed her gratitude and thanks to the Waikiki actors and staff.

“It was my first time dealing with this type of situation so I was worried and afraid, but I’d like to apologize and give thanks again (through the interview). I’d like to draw a conclusion to the issue with more responsibility. Thank you.” ㅡ Jung In Sun

Source: Metro