Jung Woo Sung Shares Why He Revealed His Girlfriend

Korea’s top actor reveals all!

Top actor Jung Woo Sung shared why he had revealed his girlfriend.

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Recently, Jung Woo Sung was a guest on Sung Si Kyung‘s YouTube channel. The two spoke frankly about various topics while sharing a meal and drinks.

On this day, Sung Si Kyung brought up the fact that Jung Woo Sung, in the early 2000s, became one of the first Korean celebrities to publicly confirm that they were in a relationship. When asked why he chose to confirm the relationship, Jung Woo Sung explained that he didn’t agree with fans’ expectations for celebrities not to date.

It is sad being an actor or celebrity. We are humans just like everyone else, but just because we are famous, we (are told we shouldn’t date).

— Jung Woo Sung

Sung Si Kyung then asked, “I know you wouldn’t tell me even if you did have a girlfriend, but what do you do when you are lonely? Don’t people ask you why you haven’t gotten married?” To which, Jung Woo Sung explained that he believed he missed his time to get married.

It isn’t that I chose not to get married. I couldn’t get married. I missed the chance to get married.

— Jung Woo Sung

Meanwhile, Jung Woo Sung has been a top actor in Korea for nearly three decades. Known as the celebrity’s celebrity, the icon returns to K-Drama fans through ENA‘s Tell Me That You Love Me.

Poster for Tell Me That You Love Me

Watch Jung Woo Sung’s full appearance in the link below.

Source: sbs