Actor Jung Woo Sung Sends Yoon Ji Oh Words Of Encouragement

She was deeply moved by his kind words.

Actor Jung Woo Sung has sent Yoon Ji Oh words of encouragement on her efforts to bring awareness of Jang Ja Yeon’s case.

On April 23, Yoon Ji Oh revealed her conversation with Jung Woo Sung on her Instagram page.

In the conversation, Yoon Ji Oh said to Jung Woo Sung, “Thank you so much. You are the first actor I received a response from. I believe showing interest would be uncomfortable and risky for you.”

Jung Woo Sung replied, “I have no risks. As an actor, I’d like to deeply apologize for not being aware of the pain that existed in people who were dreaming of becoming actors.


Yoon Ji Oh stated that she was extremely touched and encouraged by Jung Woo Sung’s kind words at a time when even her friends and family were avoiding her.

At a time when everyone was avoiding, ignoring and excluding me including even my family, friends and colleagues, actor Jung Woo Sung reached out to me when I was suffering from malicious comments. I will never forget this person even after I die. I’ve remembered him as an honest, upright actor but he has changed this belief into trust. I left my number due to hacking issues and was deeply moved and encouraged after text messages and a long phone call.

ㅡ Yoon Ji Oh


Meanwhile, Yoon Ji Oh received funds from the Whistle Blower Foundation on April 22 as a witness of Jang Ja Yeon’s case.

Source: My Daily