Jung Woon Taek caught on camera DRUNKENLY BEATING innocent taxi driver

Korean actor Jung Woon Taek was caught lying after denying allegations of assaulting a driver in Gangnam.

After denying all allegations of assaulting a driver on the streets of Gangnam, actor Jung Woon Taek also stated that the drivers teased him because of a character he played in a past movie and further stated he only had slight physical struggles with the man when he was taking video of him. The actor Jung Woon Taek played the role of victim through the media which made many netizens assume that the driver started the fight in order to receive settlement payment from the actor, using his fame as an advantage.

However, a new video has emerged that has proven the innocence of the driver and clearly showed the actor’s drunken behavior. The actor Jung Woon Taek was seen intoxicated, shouting viciously at two drivers who were waiting for their company bus to come. Then he starts to physically threaten them as well as holding one’s head with his hand and pulling him over 6-7 feet.

The person responsible for filming the video stated that Jung Woon Taek, after being drunk and upset at the fact that many taxi drivers denied of his service, walked towards the driver who was waiting for the bus and kicked him in the shin really hard. He stated that he started taking the video right after the initial assault and denied all of Jung Woon Taek’s previous testimony.

The driver claimed that after the incident happened, he thought of just receiving the settlement money and dropping the case. But after seeing the news of actor Jung Woon Taek denying his allegations and making it seem like he was the victim, the driver decided to step forward. He also revealed that the CEO of Jung Woon Taek’s agency offered him 1 million won to drop this issue. The driver stated that he was touched by the CEO’s sincere apology in a polite manner but when he mentioned he wanted an official apology from actor Jung Woon Taek, the CEO acted disappointingly and denied the request.

The driver showed tears in an interview because although physical damage will disappear, the mental anguish he suffered after being assaulted in front of all of those people still haunts him.

He also showed his gratefulness at the fact that there was a video to record what was really happening because otherwise, it would have been a double-sided battery which meant no one would have been at fault.

Lastly he stated:

“Other drivers ask me why not drop this case after receiving 1 million Won in order not to stress myself. I initially wanted to think that way but it just doesn’t work that way. By working as a chauffeur service driver, I’ve seen so many bad sides of the society. I’ve always kept it to myself even if I went through bad things. I thought about this for couple days but I figured that if I remained silent, this case would just vanish like nothing happened. And thus actor Jung Woon Taek might repeat these actions. I hope through this incident, Jung Woon Taek sincerely take time to reflect on his actions.”


[ +4562 / -60] Wow if there was no video, it would have been a double-sided assault and the poor chauffeur service driver would have had to provide pay for hospital fees and settlement payments

[ +3348 / -57] Didn’t Jung Woon Taek go through a similar case like this in the past?

[ +3296 / -70] Is it because he came out on so many gangster movies that he is acting like one?

Source: SBSComments: SBS vis Naver