“We Got Married” Co-Star Jung Yu Mi Responds to Rumors Connected to Jung Joon Young

She was Jung Joon Young’s “wife” on “We Got Married”.

Back in 2014, actress Jung Yu Mi starred in MBC’s We Got Married as Jung Joon Young‘s “wife”, and as a result, she became yet another victim of malicious rumors regarding her involvement in Jung Joon Young’s scandal.

In response, Jung Yu Mi recently uploaded a photo of herself on Instagram posing with the peace sign in front of what looks like a moon, along with the caption, “Don’t worry you guys.

Many who saw this meaningful post interpreted it as a way of denying the rumors that have been going around about her and Jung Joon Young.

In light of the recent rumors, Jung Yu Mi’s agency, Star Camp 202 also addressed the issue by stating, “If people continue to defame the celebrities under our label, we will take strong legal action. This applies to those to those who spread false information and reproduce such rumors.

Source: Insight