The Jungkook x Downy Saga Has Caused Quite A Stir in Business Circles

Jungkook single-handedly shaping Korean economics.

The power of ARMY was fully displayed recently as a brand of fabric softener, Downy, sold out almost instantly after Jungkook mentioned that he used it.

BTS’s Jungkook Accidentally Caused A Fabric Softener Shortage

The aftermath of this event is starting to trickle through Korean media. Downy apologized to their customers for the unexpected shortage.

They explained that almost two months worth of supply sold out in a day and they couldn’t keep up with the flood of orders for the product.

Downy is legitimately sold out everywhere in Korea and it’s causing quite a stir in some economic and business circles.

The saga made SBS CNBC news which is a channel that specializes in economic news.

Jungkook has also made the business issue news.

Jungkook himself is distressed that he can’t buy any of his favorite fabric softener. He tweeted out “ARMYs… I need to buy fabric softener as we’re nearly all out. But it’s entirely out of stock”.

ARMYs have started to humorously portray Jungkook’s desperate fight to get a bottle of Downy.

The power of ARMY has really been displayed as now Jungkook can’t even get his own preferred brand of fabric softener and a small industry in Korea has been turned upside-down.