“The Jungkook Effect” Calvin Klein’s Latest Collection Worn By The BTS Star Is Reportedly Already Selling Out In Several Countries

The “Jungkook Effect” is very real.

According to a news report, many of the clothes worn by BTS‘s Jungkook in his viral photoshoot with Calvin Klein have already sold out, proving the idol’s status as an international superstar.

Jungkook | Calvin Klein

On March 28, Calvin Klein announced Jungkook as the brand’s newest global ambassador. The announcement was made on the brand’s social media accounts and included photos of the star wearing offerings from the brand’s latest collection.

According to news reports, some of the clothes worn by Jungkook in the photoshoots have already sold out on the brand’s homepage in several countries, such as America, Korea, China, Japan, and Canada.

The white “Relaxed-fit heavy-cotton crewneck t-shirt” worn by the idol has sold out in Korea, the USA, and Japan. Also, the brand’s “Relaxed-fit Archive logo crewneck t-shirt” has also sold out in America and Canada, while the blue denim shirt worn by Jungkook is sold out in China.

That’s not all. At the time of announcing Jungkook’s ambassadorship, Calvin Klein had 3.8 million followers on its Twitter account. In less than 26 hours of announcing the partnership, the account now has 4.03 million followers. That’s more than 200K new followers in a little more than a day. Jungkook’s campaign video, shown on the brand’s Instagram account, also racked up over 25 million and 10 million views, respectively.

Meanwhile, according to reports, Calvin Klein announced that they were receiving much more messages and traffic than usual… But something tells us that Calvin Klein wasn’t complaining.

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Source: topstarnews
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