Jungkook Releases Latest Video Showcasing BTS’s Adventures in the United States

Jungkook’s stunning new travel vlog is his best one yet.

BTS‘s resident director, Jungkook, has released a new video in his Golden Closet Film series entitled G.C.F in USA.


G.C.F in USA, Jungkook’s third self-directed highlight reel, chronicles BTS’s adventures as they travel the United States of America.


Like Jungkook’s previous G.C.F films, G.C.F in USA is shot from Jungkook’s perspective. This allows fans to see through his eyes, giving them an intimate look into BTS’s everyday lives.


The reel includes behind the scenes shots from BTS’s The Late Late Show with James Corden appearance…


…a radio show…




…their meeting with Zedd at the Billboard Music Awards


…and their rooftop photoshoot in Los Angeles.


It also highlights ordinary moments from their daily lives, such as group dinners and summer hangouts.


Jungkook ends the video with a group shot from BTS’s Billboard Music Awards hotel afterparty with ARMY.


Each of Jungkook’s films is cut to a different song that sets the video’s mood and pace. So far, each of these songs has had a mellow, whimsical sound that makes his videos feel dream-like.


This time Jungkook chose “When We Were Young” by Lost Kings, a Los Angeles-based DJ duo consisting of Robert Abisi and Nick Shanholtz. As thanks, Lost Kings gave BTS a shoutout on Twitter shortly after the video was uploaded.


Fans can’t stop talking about how breath-taking Jungkook’s new video is.


They love how down to earth G.C.F. in USA is and how it captures BTS as real people rather than as stars.


To see what all the buzz is about, check out Jungkook’s latest film here.