Eagle-Eyed Fans Couldn’t Help But Notice This Inclusive Detail In BTS Jungkook’s “SEVEN” Music Video Teaser

Eagle-eyed fans noticed even though the teaser was short!

A few weeks ago, it was announced that BTS’s Jungkook would release his anticipated solo single “SEVEN” on July 14.


The singer has built anticipation for the release, sharing sexy and adorable teasers and announcing his appearance at Good Morning America‘s 2023 Summer Concert Series.


On July 13, the day before the release, the official teaser was dropped, finally giving fans a look at actress Han So Hee and Jungkook in the same frame.

In the teaser, Jungkook and Han So Hee are seated across from each other in a lounge-style venue, arguing as other patrons enjoy their night. The two continue arguing as a chandelier falls, making the others in the shot run from the scene.


While ARMY were focused on the combined visuals of the couple and guessing what they might be arguing over, others couldn’t help but notice a detail at the beginning of the teaser.

Before the shot moves to close-ups of Han So Hee and Jungkook, there seem to be two women having a date at the romantic-looking location.

While it’s not entirely clear that is the situation, fans couldn’t help but express excitement over this detail and are curious if they’ll show up more in the full music video!