Juniel’s New Song Is About Her Own, Personal Abusive Relationship

Singer/songwriter Juniel appeared on SBS Radio’s “Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time” where she revealed that her new song was inspired by a very difficult time.

She explained that her new song, “Last Carnival” was based on a past abusive relationship.

“This new song is a bit heavy, it’s about dating violence, I’m the victim, it’s actually my experience.”

— Juniel

Juniel revealed that while writing the lyrics to the song, she was unable to hold back tears thinking about her ex-boyfriend who used to abuse her.

She added that she hopes this song is able to raise awareness of abusive relationship and bring comfort to those who have been victims of such tragedies in the past.

“Last Carnival” is drastically different in tone from most of Juniel’s songs, which are often upbeat and positive.

Watch Juniel’s Last Carnival MV below. 

Source: X Sports News