Junjin Defends His Fellow SHINHWA Member Minwoo Amidst Sexual Harrassment Allegations

He stood up for his band-mate.

Former SHINHWA member Minwoo has been accused of sexually harassing two females, his agency released a response that the matter has been a misunderstanding and was resolved.

Nonetheless, SHINHWA member Junjin took to V-Live to give his own take on the situation and defended Minwoo.

I have something to say. There’s news about Minwoo-hyung going around. I hope that you trust in him until the end. When celebrities have get-togethers and meetings, various situations can arise. I hope that you believe him until the end. Please support him, and pray for him. Since all you believe in us, don’t be disappointed. I think if you believe him, the misunderstanding will be resolved.

– Junjin

Source: V-Live