JUST B’s Geonu Sends Heartwarming Message To ENHYPEN’s Jake

His sweet words for “Jakey” hit fans in the feels.

After participating on the surival show I-LAND alongside the ENHYPEN members, JUST B‘s Geonu went on to make his debut in a different group. Still, he hasn’t forgetten the friends he made along the way and recently sent a sweet message to Jake.

Geonu | @JUSTB_twt/Twitter

Testing the waters, an Only B asked Geonu if he remembered his fellow I-LAND contestant Jake. The question was a no-brainer for Geonu.

| @i5nulanda2cho/Twitter

Without hestitating, Geonu answered using an adorable nickname for Jake that made fans soft. Geonu sweetly said, “Of course! Jakey!” His next words made everyone more emotional.

| @i5nulanda2cho/Twitter

Since the two don’t spend as much time together as before, Geonu said, “I miss you.

| @i5nulanda2cho/Twitter

Only Bs and ENGENEs were happy to see the friendship between Jake and Geonu still having a special place in their hearts.


Maybe the two idols will run into each other during their schedules and give fans the wholesome interaction they’re waiting for. Check out Geonu’s sweet message to “Jakey” here.