“Did He Just Kiss Him?”: Zhang Hao And Sung Hanbin Lovingly Celebrate Their “Boys Planet” Debut

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Over the last few months, fans have grown attached to their favorite Boys Planet participants, voting and supporting them, hoping they will debut in the final nine-membered group. On April 20th, during the series finale, the final line-up was announced to be debuting as ZEROBASEONE.

One of the most tension-filled moments of the episode was not the announcement of ninth place but rather the competition between the two top-voted trainees, Zhang Hao and Sung Hanbin.

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Throughout the season, fans have fallen for the pair both individually and because of the friendship between the two.  As episodes went on the pair became closer and closer, helping each other get through difficult times.

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During the finale, announcer Minhyun announced that the top spot would go to one of the two, something anticipated by many fans. Sung Hanbin remained in the number one spot over most of the seasons, only dropping to third once, while Zhang Hao began the show in the top nine and only increased his ranking with each episode.

Ultimately, Zhang Hao was announced as ZEROBASEONE’s center, while Sung Hanbin took the number two spot. Fans were thrilled about these besties both making it into the group but can’t stop talking about one moment before the official ranking announcement.

After Minhyun declares the two will be in the group, Sung Hanbin breaks down in tears, and Zhang Hao embraces him.

Fans attending the live show captured the moment from several angles, including one that seemingly shows Zhang Hao kissing Sung Hanbin’s neck at the beginning of their hug.

This sweet moment only melted fans’ hearts further, making them glad the pair have each other!

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