Justin Bieber Follows TXT Taehyun’s Fan Account And Taehyun Had A Surprising Reaction To The News

Taehyun’s reaction was priceless!

TXT‘s Taehyun found out that one of the most famous pop artists in America may be his fan, but this monster rookie had the best reaction ever to the news!

One MOA brought to Taehyun’s attention that Justin Bieber’s Twitter account began following one of Taehyun’s fan accounts! The fan account was created solely for Taehyun and his visually impactful photos.

But when Taehyun found out that Justin Bieber follows his fan account, Cool-Guy Taehyun didn’t freak out as a normal person would. No, he was a chill as an iced tea on a summer pool day with the simplest, “I mean, why didn’t he follow our official account..

That’s right! Taehyun isn’t fazed by the news. He was cool, calm, and collected like the professional he is!

But with visuals like this, who wouldn’t want a daily update with photos of Taehyun’s stunning appeals?!

Just for those who may not know… THIS is TXT’s official account. You’re welcome. πŸ˜‰