Justin Bieber Greets BTS’s Jungkook For His Birthday

Happy Birthday, Jungkook!

As many ARMYs know, September 1 is BTS Jungkook’s birthday! While his fan club has been celebrating his birthday since as early as August, Jungkook might not have expected pop sensation Justin Bieber to be amongst the people celebrating his birthday!

In fact, Justin posted a tweet greeting Jungkook on his birthday. Though he didn’t tag BTS’s official Twitter, he used the hashtag “#JUNGKOOK” for fans to know it was meant for the golden maknae.

Jungkook is a known fan of Justin Bieber and has covered “Purpose” and “Nothing Like Us”—both popular Bieber songs. Fans can imagine how excited he must have felt seeing the tweet!

Many are also interested in the tweet, especially when Bieber says “They ain’t ready.” People wonder if this is a hint at a possible collaboration with Jungkook or even with BTS as a whole group.

Is there going to be a collaboration between them? That’s f*cking crazy.

– Korean Netizen

Happy Birthday, Jungkook!

Source: TheQoo