J.Y. Park Hypes Up Stray Kids On His Personal Instagram For Their Latest Comeback

“These guys are REAL!!”

On August 23, the music video for Stray Kids‘ “Thunderous” was officially released. That same day, the group had an absolutely stunning comeback showcase to introduce viewers to their other new songs.

While many STAYs expressed their love for Stray Kids’ NOEASY album on social media, one of the most enthusiastic messages of support came from none other than J.Y. Park himself!

| @asiansoul_jyp/Instagram

Not long after the showcase concluded, he took to Instagram to let everyone know just how proud he is of the members for their hard work on the album.

Apparently, a group of producers at JYP Entertainment were originally tasked with creating the title track for NOEASY, but after J.Y. Park had heard the amazing songs written by the boys themselves, he insisted on using them instead!

The company staffs gather our heads together to come up with the theme for the next Skz album but when we hear the songs they wrote, we just say ‘Let’s go with that!’

J.Y. Park

| @Stray_Kids/Twitter

He later went on to explain how he has so much faith in Stray Kids’ abilities that he’s positive they will continue to shine brightly in the industry.

The creative ability of these guys are for real. They come up with the theme, the name, lyrics, melody, track of most of their songs. That’s why I’m confident about their future. These guys are REAL!!

J.Y. Park

Fans of Stray Kids, while slightly surprised to see such high praise coming from J.Y. Park, are happy that the members’ efforts are being recognized.

What do you think about J.Y. Park’s message for Stray Kids?

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