Park Jin Young Criticized For Critiquing An Underage “Nizi Project” Contestant’s Weight

He pointed out her alleged problem with “weight management”.

JYP Entertainment founder Park Jin Young is receiving criticism from netizens regarding his comments on Nizi Project. 

Nizi Project is a reality program through which JYP Entertainment will form a new Japanese girl group. A total of 26 Japanese trainees between ages 15 and 22 will audition and train on the show for six months, competing to be chosen for the group’s final lineup.

In the latest episode, Ikematsu Riria (age 17) faced a critique of her physique, in relation to her performance skills.

The contestant was told that her body was “very heavy and slow” while dancing. The caption that follows these remarks states: “pointing out her lack of self-care.”

Park Jin Young implied that Ikematsu Riria should lose weight in order to dance more nimbly.

He also said that she does not seem to want to improve her dance skills because she has not controlled her weight and has not practiced enough.

Park Jin Young prefaced his critic of Ikematsu Riria’s body by sharing his own struggles with weight management over the course of his 25-year career. Fans have stated, however, that a man’s body is very different from that of an underaged girl.

Some have also questioned his training methods, and pointed out the psychological damage such remarks about weight can have on girls as they are growing up.

Watch the clip here: