JYJ Jaejoong Returns To Korean Variety Show For First Time In 10 Years

He’s making a comeback!

JYJ‘s Jaejoong will be appearing on a Korean variety show today (June 13) for the first time in 10 years.

Jaejoong is set to appear on June 13th’s episode of Taste of Love Season 2, which will be airing at 11 pm (KST).


Rather than a cast member, Jaejoong will join the panel alongside Choi Hwa Jeong and Park Na Rae. The studio filming is said to have been completed last week.


Taste of Love Season 2 is a reality dating program in which Korea’s representative single stars date their ideal type and search for love.


An affiliate of the program revealed that Jaejoong successfully fulfilled the role of “mood maker” and asked viewers to look forward to his appearance on the show.

Kim Jaejoong successfully fulfilled the role of mood maker with his talking skills and characteristic sense of humor. Please look forward to Kim Jaejoong as part of the panel on the broadcast.

ㅡ Taste of Love Season 2 affiliated person


Netizens have been super excited to see Jaejoong return to the variety program scene!

Source: Dispatch