[★BREAKING] “JYJ Law” to prevent unfair treatment of artists fails to pass

On June 17th, it was reported that the “JYJ Law” has failed to pass.

The “JYJ Law,” which was proposed by Assemblywoman Choi Min Hee, a member of The Ministry of Science, ICT, and Future Planning in April, was designed for the purpose of protecting artists from unfairly being banned from broadcast. The basis for such legislation being proposed was the ban that had been enacted on artists such as JYJ’s members and TRAX’s No Min Woo.

Official statements indicated this may have happened as, “We feel that this law may become abused because of the ambiguous nature of fair. For example, if a fanclub claims that something is ‘unfair’ that cannot be the judge of unfairness.

The details of the law, however, are still undergoing editing in order to attempt to be passed again.

Source: News1 and Hankyung