JYJ’s Junsu breaks down in tears during his first TV appearance in 6 years

On April 13th at 7:30PM KST, JYJ‘s Junsu set foot on a non-cable broadcast for the first time in six years since his departure from SM Entertainment.

Junsu, who goes by XIA for solo promotions, held the first small venue concert of his career which was broadcasted through EBS‘s Space Gonggam.

He began his solo stage with “Love Like a Snowflake” and closed the song by saying, “I’m recording for a music show broadcast for the first time in six years. Honestly, I thought I would never be able to step foot on a music show again. I want to thank the head of EBS, ‘Space Gonggam’ PD, and the writers.”

After performing his complete set, XIA was called back onto the stage for an encore by the crowd’s request and urging. However, before he sang his last song, he expressed his gratefulness for the fans that stuck with him through many of the hardships he’s suffered during his career.

During his encore, as he was performing Yoon Jong Shin‘s “Uphill,” XIA could no longer hold back his emotions and teared up as the concert came to a close. At the sight of their beloved idols tears, the crowd began to cry with him as well as XIA sang passionately.

Watch the preview of his performance on EBS below!

Source: Herald Pop