JYJ’s Junsu Attempted To Clear His Name In A Lengthy Response to the Hotel Controversy

JYJ’s Junsu personally responded to the controversy involving him and the Toscana Hotel employees.

JYJ’s Junsu recently sold his hotel, but not long after he had finalized the sale, criticisms began to flood in from allegations by former employees. Employees claimed they had been mistreated and suffered in poor working conditions at the hotel.

On February 7, Junsu responded to the controversy through his personal Instagram account. He called the reports defamatory and explained his side of the situation.

I am not writing this to change people’s minds or explain the article that was released today. It’s just a thought that suddenly came to my mind. Someone used false information and made it sound like a truth, making me look like a swindler – an immoral person. Why should I have to come to the conclusion “There’s nothing I can do about it” since I am a public figure?

2-3 years ago, I was stuck in a long legal battle because of a claim that I was not covering the costs of construction for the hotel. Even though that battle is over, the people who accused me didn’t care that I won the lawsuit or that the truth was revealed.

I have been active as an idol-singer for 14 years now, and the day after tomorrow, I will begin a new chapter of my life as my military service awaits. I thought about just closing my eyes and ears regarding this news since I will be away from the entertainment industry for 21 months, but then I realized this is not just defamation, but a direct murder of my personal character.

There are people who believe that me owning a supercar and living in a nice house is brought up by immoral and illicit ways. Never in my life have I earned money by harming others.

I thought about building a hotel because I wanted to create a place of my dreams. I left the hotel in the hands of inexperienced management, so there were many difficulties and I lost money while running the hotel.

I will admit I am at fault for not being able to turn a profit as the owner. But I put in my personal money that I earned through my continuous activities within the entertainment industry to help manage the hotel. I even sold some of my personal property to continue paying my employees. From this, I learned that you can’t run a business with only a dream. But in this time, I never conducted unethical behavior. The local governemt was aware of the reasons why I decided to sell the hotel, and they even expressed their gratitude for my interest and activities in Jeju over the past few years.

The articles that were released show the complete opposite. They quickly came to the conclusion that I pulled a “dine and dash” and ran off with the funds. It’s not true, it’s really not the truth. That is not the truth. I did not do that. No matter how much I try to shout and explain, no one will listen.

You may say, “If it’s not true then fine, but why does this issue keep coming up then” But the truth isn’t like that. Who is going to heal the scars and humiliation I received?

I didn’t turn a profit with the hotel because of financial difficulties, even though I put all of the income I gained as a singer into it. I don’t regret it though.

After consulting with a professional, I have decided to sell the hotel in the hopes of a better future for the hotel itself as well as the employees.

I could prove all of this after my military discharge. But I don’t think people will care by then.

I know that writing this story out is futile. But I am writing this so that people can look back to this when the truth comes out in the future. That what I said was true, and the article false. I want people to remember what I’ve shouted out, what I’ve written. Thank you for reading.

-JYJ’s Junsu

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The Toscana Hotel in Jeju Island was built on the land purchased by Junsu back in January 2011. The management of which was mainly run by his family. However, the employees claimed that the management of the business was poor and experienced delayed salaries for over three weeks. Toscana Hotel Management already responded to the claims followed by news that the hotel was sold early this year.

C-JeS Entertainment initially refrained from responding to the issue due to Junsu’s personal involvement. They did, however, release a follow-up statement in defense of Junsu.

At present, Junsu continues to prepare for his military enlistment.

Here’s the full detail of the controversy:

JYJ Junsu Sells His Hotel For Profit, Employees Outraged At Unfair Treatment

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