JYP Addresses Questions About 2PM Contracts After Chansung Reveals He Will Not Be Renewing

The other members still have a lot of time left.

With 2PM Chansung’s recent announcement about his marriage, pregnancy, and expiration of his contract, JYP Entertainment confirmed that the other members of 2PM still had time left before their contracts expire. 

The period to renew their contracts were different for each member. In the case of Chansung, his contract period has expired, and the remaining members Jun.K, Nichkhun, Wooyoung, and Junho still have a lot time left before their contracts expire.

⁠— JYP Entertainment

Previously, member Taecyeon left JYP in 2018 and signed an exclusive contract with 51K. On the other hand, 2PM debuted in 2008 under JYP and received much attention for their hit songs, “Again and Again”, “10 Out of 10”, “Heartbeat”, and more.

Source: news1