JYP Announces Plans To Debut Japanese Version Of TWICE

An all-Japanese TWICE is coming late 2019!

JYP Entertainment‘s Park Jin Young shared his “Globalization by Localization” plan, including his goal to debut an all-Japanese girl group.


At his SparkLabs DemoDay11 lecture, Park Jin Young discussed his vision for this “Japanese TWICE“.

“Next project we’re preparing is a Japanese girl group made of all Japanese girls…  To help you understand, it’s basically like TWICE with all Japanese girls.” — Park Jin Young


This Japanese girl group will target mainly Japan, but with the global audience in mind.

“(The group is) mainly targeted for Japan and also globally, but they will end up debuting in Japan.” — Park Jin Young


Park Jin Young looked forward to this new project girl group, as the agency had spent a lot of time developing it.

“We prepared this for a very long time and we expect to debut them late next year or early 2020.” — Park Jin Young


While it is difficult to verify the current number of Japanese trainees at JYP Entertainment, the agency does house a well-known Japanese trainee, Mako Yamaguchi, who immediately became discussed among fans to be a part of this Japanese TWICE.