JYP Blacklisted A BamBam Fansite And Their Response Was Surprisingly Bold

This fansite dedicated to GOT7‘s BamBam responded to a blacklisting by JYP Entertainment in an unusually sassy way.

With the increase in security measures around JYP Entertainment artists, there has also been a blacklist of banned fansites, sasaengs, and general fans released. A GOT7 fan page tweeted the information released by JYPE:

JYP Entertainment increased their security measures in response to a series of incidents where fans were caught stalking and giving offensive items to certain idols.

The fansite BamMyLove is among those that made the blacklist and they were not happy about it. They responded almost right away on Twitter, mocking the JYP post for its grammar and spelling errors.

They even went so far as to say: “Who’s scared? Try to catch me?”

BamMyLove has since made their tweets semi-private, but it’s clear that they still believe they were wrongly blacklisted as they haven’t apologized to the company or deleted the tweets. Other sites and individuals have since praised the fansite admin for voicing their frustration. Most of the comments on the tweet, in fact, seem to be positive.

Only time will tell if this fansite’s boldness will go unpunished.