JYP Cafeteria Spends $1.8 Million USD A Year On Food, Here’s What It Looks Like

One employee even went there to eat during their vacation!

The cafeteria in JYP Entertainment spends approximately 2 billion won ($1.8 million USD) on food a year and has so many benefits that some employees even go to eat on their day off!

At the entrance of the cafeteria, there is a sign that indicates the special characteristics of their food.

1. We use mainly organic and eco-friendly ingredients.
-We always use organic rice, milk, eggs, oil and olive oil.

2. We do not use MSG or GMO (genetically modified organism).

3. We do not use cooking or eating utensils made with plastic, which produce environmental hormones, or nickel, which produce heavy metals.
-We use ceramics, stainless, silicon, glass and tritan.


Moreover, the menu shows exactly how diverse the dishes they serve are.


Near the entrance of the cafeteria is an area where you can wash your hands.


The seats near the window are apparently for those eating alone.


Here are some of the dishes they serve in the buffet-style cafeteria:


Considering the fact that most of the food is organic, it is not that surprising that it costs a considerable amount of money to run the cafeteria. Park Jin Young stated that they spend approximately 2 billion won, or $1.8 million USD, a year on food alone.


Those who ate at the cafeteria included JYP employees, celebrities and trainees.


Park Jin Young explained that he decided to provide quality food after seeing the trainees eat too much instant food when their bodies were still growing. Moreover, their parents trusted the company with their dear children and Park Jin Young wanted to treat them with the mind of a parent.


He explained that there was even an employee who came to work while on vacation just to eat at the cafeteria (which made him extremely happy). After seeing what it’s like, who wouldn’t?

Source: Pann Nate