JYP Entertainment Composer Reveals Which Song He Came Up With On The Toilet

Hint: one of the JYP artists he wrote it for finds bathrooms inspiring too. 🚽

Ever wondered who’s behind your favorite JYP Entertainment artist songs? Together, composer KOBEE and Holy M have worked on some of ITZY, GOT7, and Stray Kids‘ biggest hits and fan favorites. In a recent interview with AYO on YouTube, KOBEE revealed he once came up with a song for a JYP Entertainment act in the bathroom.

After hearing that one composer got inspired to write a song after eating jjigae (Korean stew), one AYO commenter wanted to know more about where producers get their ideas. While KOBEE suggested reading books and watching movies as popular ways to get inspiration, the pair admitted they don’t do that.

KOBEE | AYO 에이요/YouTube

Instead, songs come to them at more unusual times. KOBEE, for example, revealed, “I think I get inspired a lot when I drive.” The composer says he often hums when driving, and sometimes, that humming sounds “pretty good.” Holy M, meanwhile, recalled one time he suddenly became inspired while playing the piano, “and some melody that caught my mind came out.”

Holy M | AYO 에이요/YouTube

However, that’s nothing compared to a place KOBEE once found his inspiration: the bathroom.

Which song came to him there? None other than ITZY‘s sultry, EDM-centered Guess Who B-side track, “Kidding Me!”

ITZY | JYP Entertainment

I couldn’t think of the melody,” KOBEE explained, adding that he decided to take a quick break to use the bathroom. Lo and behold, KOBEE said that suddenly, “the inspiration came above the toilet.

Surprisingly, KOBEE isn’t the only one who finds bathrooms inspiring. In fact, back in an episode of Knowing Bros, ITZY’s very own main vocalist Lia revealed she likes to sit in music show toilets to calm herself down and even has a favorite bathroom (at the MBC studio) with a great view.


Together, KOBEE and Holy M say they mixed ITZY’s K-Pop found with a trendy, foreign hip-hop vibe to create “Kidding Me.” While they were originally worried about the lyrics they penned, fans can agree that it’s a certified bop despite its bathroom origins.

Source: AYO 에이요/YouTube