(★BREAKING) Both Agencies Confirm That Lee Min Ho and Suzy Broke Up

Both agencies have made statements, confirming the couple’s breakup.

JYP Entertainment and MYM Entertainment confirmed that the two have indeed broken up.

“It’s true that they have broken up. They have decided to remain good friends in the industry. 

— JYP Entertainment


It is true that they both broke up recently.

The reasons and exact time period is a personal matter so we cannot confirm that. Please understand.

— MYM Entertainment

An industry insider had first reported their split.

(★BREAKING) Suzy and Lee Min Ho Break Up After 2 Years

Lee Min Ho and Suzy have been dating for over 2 years.

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And fans from the around the world were excited to hear about their love.

[★TRENDING] The True Story Behind How Suzy and Lee Min Ho First Fell In Love

Lee Min Ho expressed in the past that Suzy was his ideal type.

He often stated on shows and interviews that his ideal type was a petite, fair-skinned girl, which describes Suzy well.

Suzy also talked about her ideal type and Lee Min Ho more specifically in past interviews.

When asked about the relationship Suzy answered:

“I can’t really say for sure but he is very understanding and caring.

He is also a very warmhearted person and I think that’s why I began to fall for him.”

— Suzy

However, they might’ve ended their relationship due to their busy schedules.

Suzy was asked how often she sees Lee Min Ho but she vaguely revealed that it was once a month.

“Date? Once a month….”

— Suzy

Even though the relationship is over, the power couple has decided to end their relationship on good terms and remain good friends.

Lee Min Ho is currently serving his military service as a public officer.

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Suzy was most recently spotted at the Asia Artist Awards. 

Source: Sports Chosun , TV Report