JYP Entertainment Reportedly Planning On Debuting 4 New Groups In 2019

They’re starting with ITZY.

Stock market analysts are recommending people to buy JYP Entertainment‘s stock because the company is expected to launch some exciting changes this year.

According to reports, JYP Entertainment is planning on debuting 4 new groups within 2019. Their strategy begins with the debut of ITZY in mid-February. ITZY is the first girl group under JYP since the debut of TWICE. As TWICE achieved massive success, there are high anticipations for ITZY.

Industry experts claim that ITZY will definitely have a positive impact on the company as the other major labels are focusing on debuting their boy bands than girl groups.

“With BigHit and YG Entertainment’s boy groups debuting this year, the competition between boy groups will be high.

On the other hand, the competition between new girl groups will are nearly nonexistent, so most of the focus will go to JYP Entertainment’s new girl group.”

— Industry Analyst

With a successful forecast of ITZY’s debut, JYP is also allegedly preparing 3 more groups to debut this year.

“The label will be launching ITZY, who are set to debut this February, along with three other idol groups in order.”

— Industry Analyst

With news of ITZY’s debut and the possibility of 3 new groups, stock analysts predict JYP’s revenue will increase by 31~78%!

Check out the debut teaser video for JYP’s first group of 2019, ITZY!

Source: Business Post